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Alfano 6 KIT IV Water + exhaust temperatur

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Alfano 6  KIT IV Water + exhaust temperatur

The Alfano 6 features a latest generation GPS module by connecting with the satellites of Navstar US, Glonass RU, and Galileo EU
The user can customize the appearance of the various displays, the high-resolution display is freely configurable. As well as the LEDs whose colors, values and brightness can be modified. The speed can be measured via GPS or a speed sensor- Further, 2 temperature sensors, for water and exhaust gas to the device are connected.
The built-in lithium-ion 3000 mA battery guarantees a power supply for more than 30 hours and can be charged by a charging cable. (There is no need to remove or change the battery)
Data download via Bluetooth
All sensors from Pro3EVO and ADM can still be used.
As an additional extension, a box 12 is available which allows further sensors to be connected to the system.
The KIT offered here includes not only the basic scope of supply but also all the necessary components to record the water and exhaust temperature.

General Specifications:

  • Lap time to 1/100 sec. Timekeeping by magnetic probe, GPS or infrared (optional)
  • GPS : Galilleo (EU), Navstar (USA), Glonass (RU) +/- 35 Satellites.
  • 1 Port (green) for Magnetic or Infrared-Sensor, Speed optional with Hub cable
  • 1 Port RPM Sensor
  • 1 Port (red) for Temperatur Sensors (2. Temperatur optional with hub cable)
  • 1 Port (black) for Modul Box 12, Download via USB or battery charge
  • 6 LED for RPM, TIME and Temperature in 5 colors
  • 2 LED for Temperature Signal in 5 colors
  • 1 LED battery charge and Download.
  • 4 hour meters and 1 for Distance
  • 6 languages available
  • Display: 268128 Pixel
  • Body: 136 x 88 x 33mm
  • weight: 435 gr

  • Included are:
    • Alfano 6 Basis
    • magnetic sensor with cable
    • RPM cable for high voltage (2 stroke)
    • battery charger with cable (USB)
    • users manual + different Alfano stickers
    • hub cable 2 temperatur sensor
    • water temperatur sensor
    • exhaust temperatur sensor


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